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Our noise reduction flooring services for your home

If you are have a noise problem in your home due to noise coming through the ceillings having your upstairs neighbours install sound boards and a good foam or rubber underlay will help filter out a lot of the disturbance.

Foam underlay works like a shock absorber comes in different thickness so the thicker the underlay the more noise it will help to absorb, we can even supply flame retardant underlay to help keep you home more fireproof.

We offer to install high density fibre board and a high quality underlay under your carpet to help reduce the noise caused by foot traffic,

Whilst eliminating all noise is near impossible, having sound boards installed in your room will go a good way to eliminate unwanted noise.

Unfortunately due to the way natural flooring is installed we are unable to offer this service on natural carpets and alternative methods for noise reduction need to be sought

We can uplift and install under your existing carpets and then refit your carpets for you

Other tips for sound proofing a room

Problems with such as sqeeky floor boards should be sorted out by a carpenter,if you decide to repair them your self please take note of any electric wires or gas and water pipes that may be hidden under your flooring.

You can help reduce background noise caused by air vibrations from other rooms in your house by using draft excluding tape this can be greatly helpfull,soundproofing tape around your doors ,heavy material curtains can also help block out unwanted noise

Other methods of soundproofing can be used ( such as a rubber mat glued to your floorboards).

Tthese services are not supplied by us -but we are working on finding reliable companies and will place links on this page once we find good soundproofing installers

Home insulation

Another benifit for you house is that of insulation the extra thickness of both materials toghether help to provide thermal insulation which will help to reduce your heating bills


Please note

If you have any other floor covering you would like us to supply and fit please contact us and we will do all we can to help.

Removal of all furniture from room being installed will help with a quick installation

Our carpet fitters will do all they can to make sure you are happy with our services and cleanup after them selfs and remove your old carpet so you can start enjoying your new floorcovering straight away.

All our fitters work with a high degree of professionalism


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