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Seagrass Flooring the natural alternative to carpet

Seagrass is a strong resistant floor covering that is grown in paddy fields in china and during the growing season, the fields are flooded with sea water - once harvested and dried it is spun into yarn that makes the beautiful carpets we know and love.

The yarn has impermeable property's and so it is very hard to dye - so in most cases the flooring comes in it natural green colour or a slight brown shade

Most seagrass has a latex backing this makes the floor covering more durable and also stops any adhesive that is used during the installation from coming through

Being a natural product there can be inconsistencies in colour and the weave - similar to knots found in wood this is normal and is considered part of its natural charm

Sea grass is woven into a few styles - natural weave herringbone both in standard and fine versions and a chunky basket weave the herringbone is also available with a coloured weft of sisal that brings colour to the seagrass

Seagrass carpet is recommended for medium domestic and light contract situations and can be laid throughout your home -but please note - office roller chairs tend to dig into the weave and damage the natural flooring in a very short period of time - if you do have a roller chairs in the room where your seagrass flooring is being installed.


Seagrass Price


Price SQ metre
Standard seagrass fibre
Natural Sea grass
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Basket weave seagrass
Natural Sea grass
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Herringbone seagrass
Natural weft
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Herringbone seagrass
Red weft
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Herringbone seagrass
Green weft
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Herringbone sea grass
Blue weft
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  • Please note due to the damage roller chairs can do to your natural flooring it is highly recommended you invest in a chair mats for every roller chair you have each mat will prevent damage to you carpet- mats can be brought from the office supply link below.
  • Just type Chair mat in the search box
  • Chair mats will give you a far more durable surface to move your chair on, we have seen many cases where a roller chair has totally ruined the seagrass floor covering way beyond any kind of repair within 6 months,a good quality chair-mat will offer protection against this kind of damage and protect your investment in your new floor.

Seagrass natural Carpet from the following brands

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