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Natural Sisal Carpets From Kersaint Cobb

Sisal is the most durable carpet of the natural flooring ranges and is also the only natural flooring that can be dyed - Kersaint Cobb Sisal is Grown in Africa and South America before being sent to China to be made into Sisal Carpets - EZ Carpets are a specialist in supplying and fitting natural carpets we have many years experience in laying these materials and are one of London Biggest installers of natural carpet

Natural Flooring has different requirements for installation than regular carpet and it is important to make sure your fitter is experienced in fitting natural floor coverings.


  Natural Flooring - Sisal
Kersaint Cobb Sisal Ranges Width    
Sisal Big Boucle Maize 4m    
Sisal Big Boucle Cognac 4m    
Sisal Big Boucle Butter 4m    
Sisal Big Boucle Latte 4m    
Sisal Big Boucle Turner 4m    
Sisal Big Boucle Espresso 4m    
Sisal Big Boucle Noir 4m    
Sisal Boucle Artists Constable 4m    
Sisal Boucle Artists Van Dyck 4m    
Sisal Boucle Artists Rembrandt 4m    
Sisal Boucle Artists Picasso 4m    
Sisal Boucle Artists Turner 4m    
Sisal Boucle Artists Renoir 4m    
Sisal Boucle Artists Rubens 4m    
Sisal Boucle Artists Monet 4m    
Sisal Boucle Artists Van Gogh 4m    
Sisal Boucle Artists Dali 4m    
Sisal Contrast Natural 4m    
Sisal Contrast Grey 4m    
Sisal Contrast Duck Egg Blue 4m    
Sisal Contrast Brown 4m    
Sisal Herringbone Maize 4m    
Sisal Linen Havana 4m    
Sisal Linen Titanium 4m    
Sisal Linen Ash 4m    
Sisal Linen Old Gold 4m    
Sisal Linen Bronze 4m    
Sisal Linen Amber 4m    
Sisal Linen Cognac 4m    
Sisal Majestic 3043/20 4m    
Sisal Majestic 2060/19/20 4m    
Sisal Majestic 2347/00/20 4m    
Sisal Majestic 2060/26/20 4m    
Sisal Majestic 2060/50/20 4m    
Sisal Majestic 2063/19/20 4m    
Sisal Majestic 2348/00/20 4m    
Sisal Majestic 2394/00/20 4m    
Sisal Mini Boucle Havana 4m    
Sisal Mini Boucle Flint 4m    
Sisal Mini Boucle Maize 4m    
Sisal Mini Boucle Bronze 4m    
Sisal Mini Boucle Sand 4m    
Sisal Mini Boucle Old Gold 4m    
Sisal Mini Boucle Amber 4m    
Sisal Mini Boucle Dune 4m    
Sisal Mini Boucle Cognac 4m    
Sisal Mini Boucle Ash 4m    
Sisal Mini Boucle Tobacco 4m    
Sisal Mini Boucle Felt Back Mikado 4m,5m    
Sisal Panama Oatmeal 4m    
Sisal Panama Teak 4m    
Sisal Tigers Eye Havana 4m    
Sisal Tigers Eye Tig-Sis 4m    
Sisal Tigers Eye Titanium 4m    
Sisal Tigers Eye Amber 4m    
Sisal Tigers Eye Bronze 4m    
Sisal Tigers Eye Ash 4m    
Sisal Tigers Eye Cognac 4m    
Sisal Tigers Eye Tobacco 4m    
Sisal Tigers Eye Flint 4m    

Natural Carpet from the following brands

If you have any other floor covering you would like us to supply and fit please contact us and we will do all we can to help.

Our carpet fitters will do all they can to make sure you are happy with our services

All our fitters work with a high degree of professionalism

Terms and Conditions

We try to keep all appointments but are some times held up we are not liable for the odd time we are late

All cables and pipes that are not clearly visible we can not be held accountable for.

Quotes are given on an as seen basis and upon uplifting carpets or vinyl some floors may need to have further repairs we make every endeavour to spot this before laying but in some cases this is not possible

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