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Address: 58 St Dionis Rd Fulham SW6 4TU
Tel: 07956 877 053 / 0208 123 9104

Email: [email protected]

Georgian Carpets



We can arrange to install and supply all the carpet ranges from Georgian please contact us for the current price on any of the carpets listed

Georgian Carpets Wool Twist Ranges

  • Cardinal Stripe
  • Cherwell Deluxe
  • Cherewell Supreme
  • Cherwell Elite
  • Citadel 40oz
  • Citadel 50oz
  • Classic Hathaway 40oz
  • Classic Hathaway 50oz
  • Classic Hathaway 60oz
  • Cathedral 40oz
  • Cathedral 50oz
  • Georgian Twist Deluxe
  • Georgian Twist Supreme
  • Georgian Twist Elite
  • Georgian Twist Plus Deluxe
  • Georgian Twist Plus Supreme
  • Georgian Twist Plus Elite
  • Glascote Plains Deluxe
  • Glascote Plains Supreme
  • Greenwich
  • Greenwich Plus
  • Greenwich Elite
  • Hathatway Berbers Supreme
  • Hathatway Berbers Luxury
  • Hathatway Berbers Extra
  • Hathatway Naturals 30oz
  • Hathatway Naturals 40oz
  • Hathatway Naturals 50oz
  • Hathatway Naturals 60oz
  • Hathatway Naturals Plus 30oz
  • Hathatway Naturals Plus 40oz
  • Hathatway Naturals Plus 50oz
  • Hathatway Naturals Plus 60oz
  • Hockley Twist Deluxe
  • Hockley Twist Supreme
  • Middleton Twist Delux
  • Middleton Twist Supreme
  • Middleton Twist Elite
  • New Lichfield Twist
  • New Lichfield Delux
  • New Lichfield Supreme
  • Royal Hathaway Twist 40oz
  • Royal Hathaway Twist 50oz
  • Royal Hathaway Twist 60oz
  • Tresco 40oz
  • Tresco 50oz
  • Velvet Elite


Georgian Wool Loop Carpets


  • Georgian Berber Elite
  • Georgian Berber Style
  • Georgian Berber Impressions
  • Lichfield Berber Loop
  • Natural Berber Loop
  • Nice
  • Polesworth Berber
  • Stripes & Plains


Georgian Family Friendly Ranges


  • Beau Twist Delux
  • Beau Twist Elite
  • Cottage Saxony Supreme
  • Cottage Saxony Elite
  • Delph Saxony Delux
  • Delph Saxony Supreme
  • Delph Saxony Elite
  • Higham Saxony Delux
  • Higham Saxony Supreme
  • Higham Saxony Elite
  • Kestrel Saxony
  • Spendour Saxony

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Terms and Conditions

We try to keep all appointments but are some times held up we are not liable for the odd time we are late

Please point out any cables or pipes prior to installation to your carpet fitter- All cables and pipes that are not clearly visable and not mentioned to us we can not be held accountable for.

Quotes are given on an as seen basis and upon uplifting carpets or vinyl some floors may need to have further repairs we make every en devour to spot this before laying your new flooring but in some cases this is not possible until the fitter has uplifted your carpet

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