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EZ Carpets - Coir Carpet Page

Address: 58 St Dionis Rd Fulham London SW6 4TU
Tel: 07956 877 053 / 0208 123 9104

Email: [email protected]

Natural coir carpets


Natural Flooring - Coir Carpet

coir carpets are made from coconut husk's to produce a material of great strength these extremely strong fibres make a tough and slightly course floor covering that is hard wearing.

Natural fibres are extracted from the shell then crushed dried in the sun and then woven into the beautiful floor covering we install into you house most of coir used for natural flooring is produced in India.

We can install coir thru out your entire house and suitable for heavy domestic and medium contract installations - we would advise against installing coir in bathroom or kitchen areas as water can have an adverse effect on the carpet.

Whilst we can install your coir directly to the floor we highly recommend that you have underlay under the coir for many reasons -

  • coir carpets will last longer
  • You will have far less trouble removing the coir when it is time to replace it
  • Good quality underlay will help hide any unevenness in your floor
  • A thick underlay will help to keep heat in and save money on fuel bills
  • Underlay can help reduce noise

EZ Carpets can arrange to install coir carpets from all the main natural flooring companies in the UK such as Alternative Flooring , Crucial Trading, Kersaint cobb and the Natural Fibre company

Coir as with all natural flooring should be installed by a professional floor layer who has experience of laying this type of floor covering and self install is not recommended.

We offer a full fitting service on all natural carpets brought from us and can also offer to install sisal brought from else where.

Should you still want to install the coir carpet we are happy to offer advice on fitting the carpet - if you do still want to install your self and we can provide you with the adhesive underlay, carpet and grippers you will need for installation.



Price SQ metre EX VAT
Panama Natural Coir
4m / 5m
**Price Match**
Herringbone Natural Coir
4m / 5m
**Price Match**
Panama Bleached Coir
**Price Match**
Herringbone Bleached Coir
**Price Match**
Boucle Natural Coir
4m / 5m
**Price Match**
Boucle Bleached Coir
**Price Match**
**Price Match**
Panama Green/Gray  
**Price Match**
Big Boucle Coir Carpet
**Price Match**

We can fit and supply natural flooring from the following brands

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If you have any other floor covering you would like us to supply and fit please contact us and we will do all we can to help.

Our carpet fitters will do all they can to make sure you are happy with our services

All our fitters work with a high degree of professionalism

Found a cheap coir carpet - we will do our best to match the fitted price on any coir carpet or natural flooring

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