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Address: 58 St Dionis Rd Fulham London SW6 4TU
Tel: 07956 877 053 / 0208 123 9104

Email: [email protected]




Coir mats also know as Coconut Mats are a great way to help remove a lot of dirt of your customers and friends feet before they walk in and rub all the dirt from the streets into your new carpets.

Business know the benefit of coir matting and we often get calls to install coir for then,why not take advantage of coir's great dirt removing property's and get us to install a coir mat for you at the same time as we install your carpet

If you are a office or business or a domestic customer and would like us to install a coir mat for you send us an email or give us a ring and we will try to fit a mat for you ASAP.

Our fitters normally have a roll of coir on the van and if we are in your area we can drop in to fit a new coir mat for you



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If there is any type of flooring you require give us a call we can obtain most floor coverings and will do our best to match any written quotes you have

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