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Tel: 07956 877 053 / 0208 123 9104

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Carpet Runners - New Stylish Carpet Runners Supplied by EZ Carpets

We can arrange to supply and fit carpet runners on your stairs - Carpet Runners look stylish and a great solution for halls and stairs.

Carpet runners can be cut down to size from full rolls of carpet and then either turned on its self , they can be whipped ( cotton thread sown around the sides or bound a cotton or tapestry border sown to the edges of carpet

We can also install specially ordered pre made runners ( normally 60 or 70 cm widths ) from they suppliers listed below - Please visit the respective websites for up to date ranges and styles

  • Roger Oates - Carpet Runners
  • Crucial Trading - Carpet Runners
  • Kersaint Cobb - Carpet Runners


Stair rods can be added after to give a great effect - stair rods are optional and are only used for effect

If you would like a runner installed on your stairs this can be done in a varity of ways - we can have your carpet cut to size and sent away to have an edging bound onto the sides of the material of your choice this does look good but can become very costly - costing for this service is out of our control as we have to send your carpet away to another company to have your edging attached to another company.

we can also fold the carpet over on its self so that you dont see the edges this is a far more economical way to have a runner installed on your stair and can still be finished of nicely either with bars or left as is.

Some customers think not as much carpet is needed so it will save them money - but in truth there is not a great deal of difference between the amount of carpet required and cost is pushed up in labour costs.


EZ Carpets - Terms and Conditions

We try to keep all apointmanets but are some times held up we are not liable for the odd time we are late

All cables and pipes that are not clearly visable we can not be held accountable for.

Quotes are given on an as seen basis and upon uplifting carpets or vinyl some floors may need to have futher repairs we make every endevour to spot this before laying but in some cases this is not posible

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Carpet Runners